What is your style?

Our style can be described as simple and nostalgic in a kick-you-in-the-feels kind of way. We like to embody the inner essence of love our couples have for one another in our Wedding Films – whether that love is the shy type or the scream-it-from-the-rooftops type. We are looking for couples who truly love one another in the most ever fresh of ways, and want to share this love with the world – and that is where we come in! We are a couple of passionate Wedding Videographers addicted to creating original Wedding Films for soon to be brides and grooms located in Southern Ontario. We always take a fly-on-the-wall approach with our couples’ weddings to get the most raw, earthy, true-to-life emotions we can possibly manage. Because that is what we feel the true essence of being human is, and we are always looking to preserve this integrity. Have a look at our Wedding Highlight Films. If you feel our style suits you, send us an email on our contact page or give us a call and we can discuss anything you’d like to inquire about.

Can I change the hours of your coverage? 

This question shows up a lot from couples. In short, we don’t charge per hour and have a set time frame of filming between 10am to 10pm. There are a lot of people who don’t necessarily think they will need the film coverage between 10am-12pm in the morning or coverage after 8pm, however there is a specific reason for why we film between this time frame for certain packages. In the morning, there are a lot of events that go on before the ceremony that we like to include in the highlight films (for example, hair and makeup, groomsmen getting ready, potential first looks, etc) as well as scenery shots of your venue and ceremony locations. Having filmed at so many weddings, there is rarely ever enough time for us beyond the ceremony end time to establish venue and ceremony locations on film, so we like to make sure we spend enough time in the morning traveling from location to location in order to get these things. We like to include hair and makeup as well as groomsmen readying because this adds to the story line of the highlight film. We don’t necessarily need hair and makeup, however we do need to film the bride getting her dress on, and if we started filming at 12pm instead of 10am, this would make it very difficult for us to capture in addition to the groom getting ready especially if your locations are very far apart from each other and from the venue location. We need to take into account the distance of travel between location to location and how your itinerary is laid out in order to be on time for every event, and this is why we start at 10am. If in the circumstance that the bride and groom were a very far distance from eachother in the morning and are planning on getting dressed at the same time, we would head over to the grooms location early in the morning first to film a mock up session of him getting dressed just so we have that for the highlight film so we are not pressed for time later on in the day. If you are looking into purchasing one of our highlight film packages, we need to make sure we cover enough speeches at the reception to include in the highlight film. In most circumstances, speeches begin or go beyond 8pm, and this is why we like to stay until 10pm, just in case events are late and pushed forward so that we can ensure we are there to capture any important events later in the night, such as first dances, bouquet toss, etc. Please see this article on what goes into wedding filmmaking for a better understanding on why filmmakers charge the way they do.

Do you use drones? 

At the moment, we do not use drones. We feel they are very, very over used in wedding films and are not needed to create great wedding films. We might however dabble in the use of drones in the far future, however in the meantime we do not use them.

Where do you get your music from?

Great question. We get asked a lot by couples if we can use popular music for their highlight films. In short, we are not able to use copyright music from any artist anywhere in the world, no matter how popular or unpopular they are, unless we purchase a license for their music. If the song you are looking for is located on either Songfreedom.com, Musicbed.com, or Marmosetmusic.com, great! We can purchase the license legally for it and use it for your wedding highlight without potential lawsuits. If the song you are looking for is not listed on those websites, unfortunately we are not able to use it, unless you are willing to spend upwards of $30,000 to $60,000 just to license the popular song choice you are looking for. Of course, we already know this is way out of anyone’s budget, so we are just going to have to do our best to find a song you will love instead. Please feel free to check out TheMusicBed for an idea of the vast collection of artists they license music for!

How long is turnaround?

We generally book 15-20 weddings per year, and on average turnaround can take between 1-6 months. We like to take our time with our wedding films in order to gain enough inspiration to craft a masterpiece for you, so same day editing isn’t really something that we are fond of. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are our wedding films. Think of them as works of art- we need to take special care to formulate something that not only you will love, but something we are deeply connected with as well. You are not just another married couple to us. You are both living, breathing human beings with a story to tell that is so different from everyone else’s that we need to tend to your video like we would with a new born child. I know that sounds creepy but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Can I have the raw footage?

Raw footage is available as an a-la-cart add on to your package. Although we tell anyone who asks us this – the raw footage really isn’t necessary unless you want to look through 150GB worth of individual files that feature camera shakes, thuds, and anything else of the like. This is why we offer packages that feature a Ceremony & Speech Edit- we do the work for you and edit out all of these terrible camera shakes and what not and place most of these files in chronological sequence for better viewing (and by most, we mean that sometimes  there are some files that are basically the same thing filmed more than once but with different framing etc, so they both aren’t really necessary for the documentary film, as well as any clips that are intended for the highlight films like photography sessions, decor shots, etc.)

Of course, if YOU have any questions for us, do not hesitate to ask! We don’t bite!