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One last thing: Before you fill out the form, I know you’ve got questions, and I’ve got the answers. Check out our FAQ below to see if I’ve answered any before you send us a shout. If you have any other questions, any at all, please don’t hesitate to connect with me. I'm happy to help. 



Like how you say soul, but soul-ee. It means “only” or “strictly,” as in “We only make love films for people.” 
.......Not the rated R kind of love films, obviously. We’ve heard that joke before already. Nice try though. :)

Well considering you’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of emotions all day (and prob a whirlwind of beer at night, perfect video opp btw), there’s a 99.9% chance you’ll end up like the rest of our couples who totally forget most of their wedding day.
While photos definitely have face value, there’s only so much a photograph can offer in terms of reliving your wedding day experience. Hate to say it, but you get so much more value out of video than you do with photos, period. 
With video, you get to watch dad walk you down the isle, you get to hear your bestie boast about how humble and talented and awesome you are, you get to witness how gramma danced before she passed away... Video has a way of transcending time way better than photos can, which is why wedding films, and films in general, are such an investment. 
Think of it like this: Would you rather watch your fave movie with all the bells and whistles, or look at pictures of your fave movie instead? 
We get that hiring a videographer isn’t a priority on most people’s budgets. But it honestly should be, even more so than photos in our humble opinion. If you can save $$ in other areas of your wedding that aren’t as important, definitely take the plunge. Cause according Huffington Post, 98% of people regret it when they don’t. And the people who do end up hiring a filmmaker always say they were glad they did. 

Typically we film all major events, as well as anything we feel will tell your story the best. However, if there’s something important to you that we don’t know about (for example if a loved one passed away and there’s a photo of them on your bouquet, or if you’re going to get brunch with the guys) and you’d love that captured, definitely let us know. We’ll try our best to make it happen. 

If your event is booked early in the season (our seasons run between May-Jan), then for sure expect a super quick turnaround, say a few weeks to a month or so. 
However, we book quite a few events during the year, so if your event is nearing the end season, that’s when we get a bit back-logged, so expect up to a 3+month turnaround (absolutely no later than 5 months). It’ll be worth it though, promise. 

But why so long?  Well in reality, we’re not film manufacturers. We’re artists. Videographers who promise quick turnaround use cookie cutter formula to slap together a film as quick as possible so they make the most money possible. Which isn’t a horrible thing to do, but being the people that we are, we just can’t do that. It’s not in our nature. 

We take time to ensure everything we craft for you is as fresh and original and perfect as possible. Like a painting. Plus, between editing all week, filming back to back weddings each weekend, rearing our toddler and taking a Sabbath day off to recuperate (recuperate = stay sane), things can get pretty hectic for us.

That being said, we try our best to get your films out to you as quickly as possible. It’s still super important for us that you’re not waiting for longer than necessary.

Super simple. Our payments are split up into two equal instalments, and are all paid before your wedding date. 
First instalment is a non-refundable deposit, and is due ASAP to secure your date. Second instalment is requested a week before your wedding day.  

Please also note that if you book and decide to cancel and rebook your day for the following year, deposits are non refundable and an additional 30% of your package price will be required to rebook your date. This is because we have to offset the income lost from having two dates booked that other couples would have paid full price for. It's only fair that we do this, because we rely on these bookings to stay afloat.  We're happy you understand. 

As far as offering discounts, we say this with lots of love, but no. We don’t.

Covid re-bookings. If your wedding is cancelled due to another lockdown, resulting in a statewide pandemic, we will work with you to reschedule a new date. If we are not available on your new wedding date, we will happily  return your booking deposit as a gesture of goodwill.

That's a big fat nope. Way too stressful!

Oof. We thought you'd never ask. Everyone we've ever shared this secret topping combo with were immediately converted. Ready for it? Black olives. Pineapple. Hot pepper. Thank us later. 

Hell yes. But it depends on where it is. If everything's all good, then count us in.

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Again, we just wanna say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reaching out to us. We are honestly so truly excited to meet you and get to know you. We look forward to creating magic with you. Stay blessed.


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